Swedish Sex

I'm not sure where you are located, but it has been cold as shit down here in Florida!! One thing I love to do when it is cold out is to warm myself up by taking a nice hot bath. And what is an even better way to warm yourself up in that bath Well, when you find a cock in the tub with you!! If there is one thing that I like just as much as giving sexy blow jobs, it is to give soapy hand jobs!! And this cock was ready to be stroked!! I put some warm water in the tub, grabbed my soap bottle and jumped right in with him. I then grabbed a hold of that strange cock and got to work showing him how to stroke that member of his, the right way. I just loved it when I felt his man meat starting to grow in my hands as I gently soaped it up....) Now you can't leave out any of the other important male areas. So I gently soaped up his ball sack and ran my fingers even lower to clean his taint and butthole. Wow....now his shaft was growing even more when my fingers reached his butthole..
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