"Swing Club Sluts"
IWe all know that single guys in swing clubs are usually treated like scum. That's why some swing clubs, like the one we went to in Hot-Lanta, have a ?Single Guy Night.? The only problem with that is though, you need some sluts to take on all the guys, and when the owner heard that Dee and I were in town, he knew he found his sluts for that night! The party, no let?s call it what it really was, a gang bang, started with Dee and I on the bed softly kissing and touching each other as the guys watched, drooling and growing. After the pants hit the floor the guys lined up to stuff their hard dicks down a couple of hot velvet lined throats. We took every cock past our tonsils until both of us were gagging on swing club dick. It was not long when Dee spotted a nice hard black cock that she wanted buried in her fuck hole. Dee started with her favorite position...doggie style! I laid next to Dee and spread my long longs, opening up my wet pink hole for any hard dick that wanted it. A young black stud jumped right between my legs.
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