"Tracys Erotic Massage"
I got a massage for my Mother's Day gift!! Now, I am not talking about just a regular massage....it was an erotic massage!! Our naughty neighbor Vic gave me a call one afternoon and said that he was starting to give erotic massages as a side business and needed a volunteer to practice on. Vic is always looking for volunteers to practice his talents on, so of course I said yes!! Besides, I hadn't had a massage in years, and my skin was dry and my muscles were sore...) Now, I have a pretty good idea of how Vic's mind works, but I wasn't quite sure of exactly what his definition of erotic massage meant..) I guess I was just going to have to wait and see. When we arrived, he had a table set up on his back porch. He had the blinds pulled so his neighbors couldn't really see what was going on, but I am sure they could hear us!! We started out naked and he loaded up the oil up on his hands and slowly worked his way down from my shoulders to my toes. I was
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