"His Turn "
In my previous adventure I was treated like a Queen. I got my feet licked and sucked, which made me relaxed and horny. I figured since he treated me so well, it was "His Turn!!" It was now time for me to treat him like a King...:) He was ready and horny too since he gets so turned on by taking such good care of my feet. I laid him down and took out his large, black member and began to reciprocate the good feelings. He relaxed as I sucked and licked his cock and balls, and I could start to feel his big, fuck stick growing inside my mouth!! I just love that feeling!! It gets me so turned on that my juices start to build up, not only in my pussy, but in my mouth too. I was then able to slide his big cock in and out of my mouth and push it deeper and deeper down my throat...:) I made sure to look right into his eyes while I was pleasuring him and before you knew it, I got my reward!! A big cum load squirted in my mouth!! It was filled with his warm and gooey, black semen!! Ummmm.....now we were both fully satisfied!!
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