"Don't Make Me Do It "
Now here?s a little something different for you to enjoy!! I was a bad girl one night when I went out with a bunch of my friends, and I had a few too many cocktails!! I did get home safely, but all I remember is being very horny when I was finally climbing into my bed. Fortunately my hitachi was right on my nightstand, so I grabbed it and quickly got myself off!! I was just about to fall asleep when I heard some noises in the hallway. I opened my eyes and I saw a stranger standing in my bedroom!! I was still a little bit out of it and wasn't quite sure if I was imagining him or not....but as it turns out, I wasn't. He was looking around the room, and in all of our closets and drawers, and was getting ready to rob us!! He was startled when he saw me wake up, so he decided to use my restraints that he had seen in the drawer, to tie me up. I was still wearing my clothes, and he noticed that my skirt had ridden up and I wasn't wearing any underwear, so he decided to play with my pussy!! .
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