"Canadian Bacon "
As I have said before, one great things about living in Florida is that you get lots of visitors over the spring months from all the northerners looking to get out of the cold weather...:) Speaking about northerners, I was able to sneak off in-between our house guests and get together with one of my members who is down from Canada, (eh?) I needed a little stress reliever after all of the running around that we had been doing, and that's exactly what I got!! Bob wanted to fly under the radar, which is always fine with me, and if I do say so myself he was very creative in cuming up with positions and angles that we could shoot at so his face would not be revealed. I put my mouth around his "Canadian Bacon" and it tasted yummy!! He said my American mouth felt great around it too. He was dying to taste some American pussy and who am I to deny a member...:)
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