"Have your way with me"
I was a little frustrated this week with guys who were no shows for our shoots...:( I was in the grocery store one evening and bumped into Dee's naughty neighbor Vic and I was telling him all about it. He could feel my disappointment so he told me to stop over to his place. That sounded great to me, I was horny, so I told him I be there and that he could "have his way with me." Little did I know how his naughty mind was working, although by now I should have..:) We showed up and he had a whole scenario ready in his head. He tied my hands together, gagged me with one of my stocking and then bent me over his couch!! He started to caress me with his soft touch and I could feel my pussy starting to get excited. He gave my ass a few love taps with his crop and it felt good...I was getting hot now!! He then cut my panties off and buried his face in my ass
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