"After Work Release"
This week I have a new adventure for you called...."After Work Release!!" Now I know we all could use that!! I had a cute, young member, e-mail me and ask if I could stop over one day after work and see him. He lives close to me so I said, "sure." When I got there, the door was open and he told me to come on in. I guess he was excited, in more ways than one, that I was coming over because he was already stroking his cock on the couch!! He said he had a tough day at work and could really use a little stress release!! "Not a problem" I told him....I could use a little stress reliever myself and what a better way to relax than jerking off a big, young cock!! His cock was a handful and it was nice and hard!! I lubed him up and started gliding my hands up and down his big shaft and I could feel it growing even more right between my hands!! I was getting excited now and I was dying to have his large dick in my mouth!! So on my knees I got and I took his large meat shaft down my throat!! It wasn't long after that, that he exploded his cum juices in my mouth and all over my glasses. I had to smile the next morning in my office when I went to put
my glasses on.....
I guess I had forgotten to clean them off!!

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